Welcome, I'm Bianca

Personal transformation is my passion.

Love is my purpose.

I'm here to guide you in your journey to greater wellness and sustainable health. 

Together, we will take a whole health approach to create the version of you which functions optimally for your unique lifestyle.

You are multi-dimensional, and so is your wellness journey. By utilizing  the methods from the Alchemy Wellness Reset, we focus on The Five Elements of Wellness:






Your Transformation Awaits


The Art of Personal Evolution

The first step is to BELIEVE that you are worthy & capable of becoming who & what you desire. And recognizing that your life is yours to create if you work hard enough at it. The question is... Are you ready to put in the work? Change is life’s only constant, but to change with intention is the only way to create lasting transformation.

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Wellness On-demand

Options for your practice.

Choose from 3 different memberships to best serve your needs.

Why Choose Alchemy Wellness?

Multi-dimensional Wellness

The Alchemy philosophy is simple,

Wellness has many facets.

Our approach to it should be the same.

Wellness On-demand

Member classes organized into Playlists to help guide your movement journey and facilitate your Physical Wellness practice.

Lifelong & Sustainable Wellness

We work together to develop practices

that will give you the tools to

make wellness a lifelong journey. 

Purpose | Mastery | Autonomy

Empowerment and support.

This is a space to own your progress.

We embrace that perfection is never the goal,

but rather to become your best teacher

and wellness advocate.

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