Five Reasons to Digital Detox TODAY

If technology was designed to make our lives more accessible, why all this talk about digital detoxing?

To be more present in the NOW.

Life exists only within this moment. Breathe it in EXACTLY as it is, not how we’d like for it to be.

To utilize all 5 senses in a more intentional way.

When’s the last time you took a bit of something and felt every taste bud ignite? Next time you take a meal, notice your proximity to a device. Are you inclined to pick it up and check for a message? Are the notifications buzzing like crazy, thus distracting you from the task at-hand; quality time to enjoy nourishing your body.

To boost creativity.

Your opportunity to shift your perception of the world around you will happen only when an openness exists to invite it into your consciousness. The use of digital devices often hinders this conscious engagement with the world around us. It suppresses our desire for creative expansion and tends to encompass the entirety of our mind’s capacity. The more usage, the greater intake of information we experience, thus inhibiting our desire to create something new and novel. When the mind’s capacity is full, room no longer exists for fresh information. Think of the storage capacity on a computer. When all 118 gigabytes are full, nothing new can be saved, and essentially it renders the computer (your mind) incapacitated. In this scenario, NATURE’S MOST DIVINELY DESIGNED SUPERCOMPUTER then reaches a plateau, a figurative hamster wheel. Our minds are designed to expand and create.

To get better sleep, period.

Increased exposure to blue light can suppress the release of the natural hormone, melatonin. Supplements of this naturally produced hormone exist, however, if we can create it organically within our bodies, why would we inorganically add it to this perfectly designed physiological machine; the human body.

To enhance your Mental and Emotional Wellness.

Studies on the overuse of digital devices and the intake of social media has been referred to as having the following effects: increased distraction, narcissism, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. Source:

We absolutely owe it to ourselves to be responsible and more mindful of our digital consumption. Essentially life is happening only as we live and breathe, so why not create the space for it to flow organically?! So much of our lives exists virtually, and as with everything else, it’s all a practice and we MUST give ourselves grace.

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