Five ways to jumpstart your yoga practice

Much like life, yoga is all a practice.

And just like life, wisdom doesn’t always come from years of experience. It comes from a focus on opportunities to live each breath with greater intention. For many, yoga is a practice that has developed out of necessity to effectively navigate the stressors of modern life. Well, what happens when we step away from our practice? What if life begins to “get in the way” of our antidote for life? Perhaps you’ve been out of practice for awhile. Perhaps you’ve moved to a different home, or a significant life change has occurred? There are some simple things you can do to jumpstart your yoga practice. It’s important to remember that the most basic element of practicing yoga is to develop a practice that best honors your needs. So, let’s get started!

  1. Create a space for your home practice

  2. Become part of a yoga community, either virtually or in-person

  3. Trust the intuitive teacher within

  4. Honor what best serves your body, mind, emotional state, and spiritual experience

  5. Don’t force a thing! Like life, yoga is the practice of flowing within your own rhythm.



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