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When we can stay silent no more....

Last November a former coworker told me that she didn’t agree with my approach to yoga because I was promoting discord by speaking out against hate, racism & Tr*mp. She called me a few choice words, said “God bless Tr*mp & P*nce and may they keep America great”, then blocked me on social media.

Her words have stayed with me because it’s situations like that which prove to be our most unlikely lessons.

She was right about this:

The Yoga I practice & promote is welcoming the uncomfortable.

It’s about change & progress.

It’s about EMPOWERMENT rather than silence & smallness.

It’s about growth & deep internal shifts.

It’s about welcoming over judging. (However, some of the most hurtful judgements I’ve ever faced have been by people who consider themselves “yogis”.)

And while it isn’t always on display, the yoga I practice makes me cry and scream and feel a range of emotions beneath the surface. It doesn’t silence me or stifle my voice. It doesn’t put me in a cage and tell me to sit down & shut up. It doesn’t tell me I’m full of ego when my confidence begins to shine brighter than my doubt. It doesn’t favor only thin, white, able bodies. It has no religious affiliation. It isn’t a political party. The yoga I practice believes survivors. It doesn’t make light of the #metoomovement It doesn’t judge me for what I wear to practice, and it doesn’t shame me for how intuitive, feminine, or sensual my movements are perceived.

(Yes, each of these are judgements I’ve faced by people who call themselves “yogis”)

Yoga IS discord. It is not all Love & Light. If it’s meant to transform us into to the best versions of ourselves, how can we get there without upsetting a few people who reject growth & acceptance of something foreign to them?

We have 2 choices:

Use our voices, invite change and lose some “friends” along the way


Stay silent, do nothing, and be complicit. While being ”Loved & adored” by everyone.

True unconditional Love does not waiver when norms are challenged.



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