Preparation is absolutely key to a meaningful wellness regimen. Also, grab an accountability buddy! Or 2 or 3! 🤍Wellness is meant to be shared.

PLAN + PREP your pillars:


Time to stock your fridge!

Here are a few staples to get started...

Organic fruits & veggies

Gluten free whole grain oats-plain & unflavored

Cinnamon-adds a lil sweet spice

@miyokoscreamery vegan cheese spread

@pukkaherbs caffeine free Vanilla Chai tea-for cozy evenings

@tradmedicinals caffeine free Peppermint-for an organically energetic morning


Today’s journal entry: “What is my greatest source of joy? Why? And how can I incorporate more of this into my life?” THIS is your emotional focus for the week!


Build your home meditation space. This is your sacred space to retreat at any point when you need stillness. A few tips:

Ideally a dimly lit or completely dark space. (Mine is in my closet)

Keep a meditation cushion or pillow plus a light wrap or blanket handy.

Maintain sacred energy within this space as much as possible. Let your housemates know that the sacred area must be treated with respect, kept clean, and free of external negative energy.


Plan your agenda for the week, TODAY. Get a calendar if you don’t already utilize one, and keep it visible in some way. Personally, I’m old school, so I use a large desk calendar handwritten with added post-it notes for additional task reminders when necessary.

The October Wellness Reset starts tomorrow! October 5th-October 11th

Be sure to tag, share, and post any of your favorite tips!

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