"Relationship Archetypes" by: The Motherloving Future

By Amber L'Estrange and Jenna Pennrose, Art by Joe Webb These are 3 archetypal love relationships which humans experience. ​

​These 3 different kinds of romantic relationships and connections can be categorized as Soul Mate, Twin Flame and Life Partner. Don't get stuck on what we have named them, just look for anything here that can help you understand the types of romantic relationships that are possible between humans and WHY you have called them in. One may have repeated experiences with one or all these relationship archetypes, and others will not experience all three in this life. Understanding these love connection types can help us have peace with the fact that different relationships are meant for different reasons, and a circle doesn't have to fit into a square (why your Twin Flame will never work as your Life Partner).

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The Motherloving Future

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