The Alchemy Wellness Reset: When the wellness pillars converge


This month’s pillars:





How can you incorporate each of these pillars into your day? Or perhaps even all simultaneously! Ok, hear me out👂🏼...

This was Day 1 of The Wellness Reset, and spending just 20 minutes outside on my yoga mat collectively brought each of these pillars together.



@parklanepantry granola + @lovegrown Power O’s + @traderjoes Hemp Milk + raspberries + @tradmedicinals peppermint tea

Each of these things are 💯% Wellness Reset friendly!


Gluten free

Added sugar free

Alcohol free

Caffeine free


Although it’s tough to tell in this hyperlapse, the sacred space on my mat outside that morning allowed for more moments of stillness than I would’ve had in my indoor yoga space. But why is that?Sometimes we need an experience of out the norm to shake up our wellness. I have a daily yoga practice, and it usually takes place in my home. However, when I get the (rare) opportunity to take it outside, I jump at the chance! Indoors I’m reminded that I need to do chores, study, or order groceries, so by taking me out of my element, I can have greater intention behind what I’m doing. And I can be with the rhythm of my soul, completely undistracted and uninterrupted.


One word. Sun☀️ There is nothing better for my emotional wellness than letting the sun shine on my face. My dermatologist doesn’t exactly love that, so please don’t tell on me. Oh, and be sure to wear your sunscreen, kids.


With the exception of the hyperlapse recording on my phone, those moments were totally SCREEN FREE! 2020 has been one helluva year, and it’s an election year to boot. We are bombarded with news stories and scandals and investigations from multiple outlets- social media, campaign emails. calls, and now even texts! By not having my phone (or Apple Watch) with me in those moments, I re-allocated mental space to my spiritual and emotional pillars.

It’s all a practice, and opportunities to satisfy each pillar simultaneously are very rare. Be sure to give yourself a ton of grace as you begin the journey of YOUR Wellness Reset.💫

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