The Importance of Being Idle

For a lot of us who haven't been directly affected with the Coronavirus disease in our physical body, for some of us we have been effected in our body with something else: idleness.

Idleness: [ ahy-dl-nis ]


  1. the quality, state, or condition of being lazy, inactive, or idle

For most of us our life, routine, jobs, and sense of normalcy was thrown off radically last spring when restrictions and closures came from the Coronavirus disease and as a result, idleness, uncertainty and fear has ensued. Some of you may feel alone and like tasks that seemed menial before Coronavirus now seem impossible and I'm here to let you in on two things:

  1. Your feelings of idleness are valid and welcomed.

  2. You are not alone!

Your feelings of idleness are valid and welcomed.

Reading the above sentence may seem like a typo to my type A people out there who don't allow themselves moments of nothingness, but feeling lazy and inactive (idle) has it's place. Just like our bodies can't be active 24 hours of the day-- we all need sleep to recharge and reset-- so our daily lives and routines need moments to reset. So welcoming feelings of idleness and allowing those feelings space, helps you reset and recharge when needed. Instead of thinking of idleness as something negative, think of idleness like sleep and your body and mind will observe as much idleness as you need and then you will be back to active and productive when you're ready.

You are not alone!

Even though you may feel like the only person in the world feeling the way you do (and you may be), connecting to a community of positive thinkers will help you connect to the collective world that is all under stress, but trying the best possible to overcome this situation. Even though connection may not ease whatever pain/trouble you are currently experiencing, what it will do is provide you with perspective and maybe even a community to lean on. No one should have to experience life completely on their own, and connections will help you see that you are never alone on anything!

Again, just because you haven't been physically effected with the Coronavirus disease doesn't mean that this time hasn't been hard and painful for you so allow yourself time to rest, reset, and recharge, even if that comes in the form of idleness. You deserve it.

Chardé is a yoga and mindfulness teacher currently based in Morocco.

IG: NamasteconCharde

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