When We Unbecome.

So often, we allow our stories to define us. This is the cycle of conditioning. Of becoming.

These "stories" are based off past experiences, or even how we're perceived by others throughout our lives. Funny thing is that sometimes how others perceive us is based on a moment of reaction when we aren't necessarily living as the highest versions of ourselves. These low vibrational states enhance our shadow sides, but when combined with a trauma or intense state of emotion, it's easy for us to get lost in the moment of darkness thus forgoing the lesson to be had. Thus overlooking who we actually are, and seeing ourselves as a being simply drowning in the emotional wreckage of a given moment in time and space.

This creates our conditioning. Our remembrances of shame, reactivity, and regret leave us with an image that we are becoming something we never sought to be. Year after year of living these stories, we are not cultivating our evolution, but rather moving further away from the core of who we are; Love. Souls simply on a journey.

How Do We Unbecome?

Practice. Stillness. Deep introspection. Awareness. Openness to shift perspective. Willingness to sit in the discomfort of our reality.

The path of Yoga is the Unbecoming. It's the quest for a deeper knowing of our soul. It's the releasing of our human conditioning, our ego. So we can unbecome who we're truly meant to be.

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